Small Group Interventions

Sams Valley Elementary is unique and we love our school!  There are certainly some advantages to being a small school and one of them is our ability to provide small group instruction for all of our students.  Our small group interventions include targeted work of skills and concepts learned in the classroom, as well as enrichment to provide a deeper understanding.  You can find out more about our small groups and resources by exploring below:)


Targeted Instruction

Kindergarten/1st Grade:   ERI (Early Reading Intevention)

The goal of Scott Foresman’s Early Reading Intervention (ERI) program is to  increase students’ alphabetic principle, phonemic awareness and early phonics  (decoding) skills so they are able to begin by the end of Kindergarten or the middle of first grade.

  • More information on ERI by the Florida Reading Research Institute (click here)

reading_kid1Small Group Reading Interventions

Read Live (Read Naturally)

Read Naturally is a supplemental reading program designed to enable students to improve reading fluency through repetitive practice, self-monitoring, and modeling.

  •  More information on Read Naturally by the Florida Reading Research Institute (click here)

Making Connections

Making Connections is a program designed to equip all students with the strategies necessary to monitor comprehension and construct meaning by implementing these strategies before, during, and after reading informational and narrative text.

  • More information on Making Connections by the Florida Reading Research Institute (click here)


Rewards is a program for older students that experience difficulty read multisyllabic words and struggle with fluency as a result.

  • More information on Rewards by the Florida Reading Research Institute (click here)

Phonics for Reading

Phonics for Reading is a supplementary phonics program designed to teach phonemic decoding to students who have not yet mastered those skills.

  • More information on Phonics for Reading by the Florida Reading Research Institute (click here)

Soar to Success

Soar to Success focuses on the following instructional strategies to improve student learning levels: phonics & decoding, summarizing, clarifying, questioning, predicting, fluency, text structure, and comprehension. In teaching these various literacy skills, students are able to apply learned skills quickly, and through proper practice, reach a level of mastery in utilizing each skill.