School Schedules

Sams Valley Elementary

School Schedules

Daily School Hours:

Kindergarten-2nd grade

7:45-2:10 (M,T,Th,Fr)
7:45-1:10 (Wed. Only)

3rd-5th grade

7:45-2:15  (M,T,Th,Fr)
7:45-1:15 (Wed. Only)

Breakfast and supervision on the school grounds begins at 7:20 a.m., so students should not arrive before that time.  Once students arrive at school, they are not permitted to leave the grounds until dismissal time, except by special permission.  Upon dismissal for the day, students are to go directly home or directly to the YMCA after school program.  Students are supervised in our bus zone and on the buses until they reach home.  Students are also supervised in our parent pick up area no longer than 15 minutes after the dismissal bell.

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