District & State Assessments

Student assessment is a meaningful part of student learning and instructional planning. Assessments allow educators to monitor student progress and the effectiveness of instructional strategies. At certain times throughout the year, students are given required assessments that fulfill legislative requirements or district guidelines.

Each required assessment has an assessment window, a timeframe during which the assessment is to be administered. Within the window, the actual assessments vary in how much time students spend testing. The information on this page outlines required assessments, the assessment windows, the time students spend testing, and how the results of the assessments are used. Also indicated are whether an assessment meets a district, state, or federal requirement.

For Kindergarten Only:

Oregon Kindergarten Assessment

For All Grades K-5:

Aimsweb District Assessment

For All Grades K-5 English Language Learner Students Only:

English Language Proficiency Assessment 21

For Grades 3-5:

Smarter Balanced State Assessment

For Grade 4 (only selected schools chosen):

NAEP Assessment

For Grade 5 Only:

OAKS Science Assessment